Friday, June 7, 2013

OK, so it has seriously been so long since I last posted that I actually had to check my last post to make sure I didn’t go over the same thing.

Life since I last posted is going well.






It’s been an entire spectrum.

I did manage to finish my first year of college a few weeks ago, with a 4.0 GPA. I am darn proud of it, especially since my last quarter began smack dab in the middle of us moving from Omaha to McCook and finals took place the week after Austin left. I already have registered for classes in the fall, and it will probably be my last quarter at Metro Community College before I transfer over to Peru State College to go straight for my bachelor’s degree in Accounting. From there I will be able to also get set up to get my CPA, and they can even lead me down the path to get my MBA so I’m  excited about it. I am happy I decided to go straight for my bachelor’s instead of associates, too.

Next in line of topics, as many of you know, is Austin has left for the Police Academy. He does get to go home on weekends, but no matter what anyone else says, its just not the same. Having your significant other only come home for about 18 hours every weekend leaves many in betweens, and many things missed. Like him. I miss him.

The kids miss him too. The night before he left the boys were clinging to him.



The day Austin left, Richie really wasn’t understanding what was going on. I think he may have thought we were going to Omaha to visit Ooma and Papa since Austin had a suitcase with him. Either way, it was hard convincing Richie that he wasn’t going with Daddy.


It was hard for Daddy too…

The first week that he was gone caused a few problems. The boys had a hard time adjusting. Danny complained of headaches, while Richie would wake up sometimes at night and ask about Austin and then would sleep during the day.


The first weekend Austin was back was a three-day weekend, so we were able to pick him up at Grand Island on the way to Omaha to see my family and were able to stay till Monday afternoon. It was such a great time. The boys just fall into being with Ooma and Papa, and get right into the routine of it all. We did lots of fun things. The boys gardened outside with Ooma and Danny helped Papa mow the lawn. Mariah came up, with Chunky Monkey Ayden, who is doing great, and Jess was able to sneak away and come see us with Della!








Danny even learned how to cook a little.



We even had some family over and Danny was very proud to do his Spiderman Puzzle that Aunt Jess got him, with Aunt Kate and Aunt Jean.


No matter how fun the weekends are there, leaving Omaha is hard every time. This time, though, this time it was really hard. I don’t know why. I don’t always understand it. When my mom gives me my last hug, I feel her arms close in tight around me, and it’s like this trigger just goes off. If anyone knows my mom, they will know that she isn’t a huge crier, but something about that last embrace brings us both to the edge of tears that no amount of deep breaths can stop.

For the first hour on the road, after we leave, I’m usually having a pity party. This time, the Glee version of “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin was playing. If you know the lyrics, you know it’s pretty dead on with the mixed feelings I have every time when I leave my family to go home. The first verse of the song goes,

“Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it’s breaking.

When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by.”

Austin was driving that day, and I was listening to the song with sunglasses, hiding the tears in my eyes, and started to look up at the clouds, because of the song. We had just passed the Platte River so we were in between my family’s childhood cabin and Lincoln, and as I was looking at the clouds I absent-mindedly started finding shapes and different things in the clouds- something we would do on the way home from the cabin when it was my parents, brother, and myself on a Sunday evening.

Couldn’t help but smile at myself when I realized what I was doing.

Next, I had to drop Austin off the academy in Grand Island, before going back to McCook. More tears.  After I dropped him off, I was doing my best to not start getting teary eyed all over again, because I didn’t want the kids to get sad, but even if I had wanted to cry, I sure didn’t get the chance. I had gotten to the end of the road and my phone started dinging that McCook was under a Tornado Watch.


I hate bad weather more than anything in this world. And now I’m going to drive through it.

I honestly had never been so scared. This huge storm hits I-80 and my phone is hardly working. For over a mile, every car, van, truck, even most of the semi-trucks were pulled over to the side of the road, and sorry, but plain and simple, if you see semi-trucks start to pull over on the side of the interstate because of bad weather you better pull your rear to the side of the road too, because those guys don’t pull over for anything. At one point it was so bad I couldn’t even see the car that was parked in front of me on the shoulder of the road. We sat there for a good thirty minutes, wondering if a tornado was going to just pop out of the sky. The wind was practically blowing us over and you could see the semi’s constantly shake in the wind.


This picture was only at the beginning of it, the line of sight got much, much worse.

The boys did great though. They had on their headphones and were watching the Rugrats on the DVD monitor, and were perfectly content. Clueless children can be good sometimes.

I did finally make it back on the road, and a string of cars, including myself, were very obviously following the semi trucks because it made it easier to drive.

Once we got home it started another week of just the boys and I. That can get tough sometimes, and I have to stay really diligent about staying involved in kids activities, and knowing what’s going on around town so I can get the boys and myself out to talk with other people; mainly I just need other interaction with adults.

We waited all week for Papa to get here on Thursday of last week, and Daddy on Friday. This last week has been a blast having Papa here, and I miss him already. But the crazy times of having Papa over, you are going to have to wait and read tomorrow, because frankly it deserves it’s on entire post!


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